Jakub Karol Kowalski

is a self-taught pseudo-photographer based in Warsaw. His work focuses on people (mainly because it is one of the most available subjects) – including, but not limited to: sad people, smoking people, dancing people, not really people, walking people, working people and shadow people.

Jakub's achievements includes:

• 1st place in Young Digital Camera Photographer of the
Year 2018 - Mono Magic
• Being commended in 2017 Sony World Photography Awards
• Several publications, on russian websites, using his photography without his consent.

In his free time Jakub likes to: not to write about himself in third person, drink absinthe, smoke self-rolled tobacco, perform magic tricks and pretend to be XIX or early XX century dandy-type bohemian artist.

Jakub  currently studies Chemical and Process Engineering at Warsaw University of Technology, as if it had anything to do with photography, or absinthe, or magic.

For more information on Jakub's work, to donate cheese stuffed quesadillas, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.


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